Laboratory Protocols

PBGL Laboarory Manuals
2010 PBGL Laboratory Manual
2011 PBGL Training Manual
Example data excel formula sheet_ImageJ DNA quantification
Example data for Image J DNA quantification (Cassava DNA test2C)
Excel formula worksheets_ImageJ DNA quantification_Blank
Training Manual_Characterization of mutant germplasm
PBGL Laboratory Protocols
Salt tolerance screening in rice using hydroponics
Inducing mutations and breeding
Barley Crossing Protocol
Mutation Induction for Breeding 101
Radiation Sensitivity Tables
Positive control kits
Positive control for mutation discovery using agarose gels, version 2.4
Positive control for mutation discovery using LI-COR and agarose gels, version 2.5
User Feedback form, mutation discovery positive contol kit, version 1.1
Mutation discovery (TILLING/Ecotilling)
Ecotilling data analysis and haplotype summary (no technical replicates) 1.0
Ecotilling data analysis and haplotype summary for technical replicates, version 1.1
Ecotilling data analysis and sequencing, version 1.2
Ecotilling GelBuddy conversion workbook version 1.1
Genomic DNA concentration normalization for TILLING and Ecotilling, version 1.4
High throughput TILLING for the PBU, version 1.4
LI-COR gel loading and run name nomenclature version 1.4
LI-COR run log, version 1.0
Li-Cor TILLING DNA concentration validation version 1.2
Liquid handling with Hydra II for TILLING, version 1.4
Primer Testing and Validation for TILLING and Ecotilling, version 1.5
Primers for home-made LI-COR Ladder, version 1.0
Sequence Analysis for TILLING and Ecotilling version 1.1
Suspending and managing fluorescently labeled primers for TILLING and Ecotilling, version 1.2
Template for re-arraying DNA samples for manual Li-Cor gel loading, version 1.0
Template for tough spot labels and A4 printer
Testing CJE enzyme activity 1.1
TILLING checklist, version 1.0
TILLING Solutions Table, version 1.0
Cell biology and tissue culture
Video protocols
Protocols and Guidelines from Other Groups
Methodologies for generating variability
Standard Material Transfer Agreement
Standard Material Transfer Agreement
Educational Videos
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