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Variety Name

Kneja 546

ID 3269
Latin Name Zea mays L.
Common Name maize
Country Bulgaria
Registration Year 2009
Short Description The mutant variety Kneja 546 was officialy approved in 2009. It was developed by hybridization with mutant (from the cross XM4527 x H-108). The mutant XM4527 is a selection from the chemical treatment of the seeds of inbred line P-3737 with 0.001% NMU. Main improved attributes of mutant variety are high yield and mid-late maturity for grain and silage.

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Kneja 546

Name and Registration

National Registration Year 2009

Crop Type and Improved Traits

Propagation Primary Seed propagated crops
Propagation Secondary Hybrid-pollinating
Usage Primary Food
Usage Secondary Cereals
Characteristic Primary Agronomic and botanic traits
Characteristic Primary Sub-Type Maturity
Characteristic Secondary Yield and contributors
Characteristic Secondary Sub-Type Grain (seed) yield

Breeding Method Section

Mutagen Treatment Type Chemical
Chemical Mutagen NMU
Chemical Treatment Dose 0.001
Chemical Treatment Dose %
Treated Material Type Seed
Phenotype High yield and mid-late maturity, mutant variety for grain and silage

Historical Breeding Method

Breeding Method Hybrid F1 ( a cross with a mutant line)
Mutagen Treatment Type Chemical
Treated Material Type Seed
Parent Variety P3737
Chemical Mutagen NMU
Chemical Treatment Dose 0.001%
Parent Variety P3737
Mutant Parent Variety XM4527


1. , Maize Research Institute (MRI), Bulgaria